dissabte, 2 de març de 2013

080 Barcelona Fashion

Finally we have decided to write a post in English and we have thought about the recently held 080 Barcelona Fashion to do it, because of its international relevance and the power it has in our catalan fashion designers ans brands.

This meeting started in 2007 and has the objective of creating a platform in which the designers can show their creations internationally.
It takes place every year in Barcelona during four days. The main characteristics of the event are creativity and innovation. Another of its aims is to reactivate the textile industry by facilitating the creation and commercialization of our latest designers’ collections, inside our country as well as internationally.
The last edition, took place in January from the 28th to the 31st  and it has been closed with more public than others times (according to its official website) with more than 28.000 assistants.



Such an event is very important to our fashion enterprises, because it not only gives them the opportunity of having international projection but also of contacting with professionals from all around the world. With no doubt, it gives strength to our designers when going out of the national market and betting for the international one. 

Here you have the hole video of the Mango show, one of the most public and talked events in the 080 Barcelona Fashion 2013.

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  1. Sin duda Barcelona es todo un referente en la industria de la moda. Un besote y feliz fin de semana.

  2. Si, efectivamente la 080 Barcelona Fashion Week se está convirtiendo año tras año en todo un referente dentro de la moda, y una representación de los jóvenes diseñadores catalanes, que ahora más que otros años necesitan de una mano amiga para salir adelante.
    Gracias, nos pasaremos por tu blog ;)